The development process for the Teacher Technology Skills Inventory has followed the standard, scientifically-based procedure for instrument construction. Measurement experts have guided the process, working with subject matter experts to construct and review items. Using the revised indicators, a table of specifications was built to provide a model for item writing. Once items had been written, item content and sensitivity review, as well as, interface testing were carried out with representatives from the target population. This took place at three regional meetings in July for FCITL and the summer meeting for FACE. Feedback was also solicited from district leaders regarding implementation issues. The next phase in the development of the Teacher Technology Skills Inventory is a field test, scheduled for late October (2004).

Field test information

Inventory Item Types
Before beginning the inventory, teachers will go through a set of sample tasks, which allow them to practice with the various item types. This link will take you to a portion of that introductory section. These items do not reflect the content of the inventory.

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